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Explained: 100 Days Till US Economy Crash Proven By American Finance Council

This has been verified by both Goldman Sachs, the World Bank and the American Finance Council.

This is really bad news.

I really don’t know what else to say except for the fact that the US dollar and our economy is going to go under.

And this time, it’s not BS.

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There’s just no way we can avoid it this time around.

There’s not just ONE, but TWO Goldman Sachs executive in this new administration already working inside the US Government.

This shocking documentary produced by the American Finance Council will explain everything.

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Watch it while you can because I know for a fact that the authorities have already outlawed the contents in this video.

It’s very shocking and controversial, because it will reveal something that the corrupt corporate mainstream media has been desperately trying to hide.

If you’ve had any doubts about the US Economy and the value of the US dollar and your financial future., then you need to watch this.

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God bless.


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Subject: Proof: 100 Days US Economy Will Crash Warns Goldman Sachs & World Bank…

This is really bad news.

I really don’t know what else to say except for the fact that the US dollar and our economy is going to go under.

And this time, it’s not BS.

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It really will shock you to the core.

In just 100 days…

You’ll see what will happen.

Click on the video before it’s too late.

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God bless.


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Subject Lines:

The Federal Reserve tells banks to prepare for crashing…

U.S. economy ALERT: Fed taken by surprise

289 million Americans brace for violent collapse

Heavy inflation hidden in plain sight?


Here’s why:


The ’29 recession was nothing compared to this

State agencies and private banks alike warn that

The end of our monetary system will destroy millions

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What’s even more disturbing is this:

The top 1 per centers will be left UNTOUCHED

>>The real reason is exposed here<<

P.S.: This crisis has already hit phase 1.

When it moves on to phase 2, you’ll want to be VERY prepared…

>>Surviving the U.S. dollar Apocalypse<<

[Your name]


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Experts and patriots are enraged:

The crazies secretly maneuvered more wealth into their pockets

In the last year, than they did in the last 185 years!

Meaning the top 1% now own as much wealth as half the world

Just 5 years ago the filthy rich were 388.

As of January 2016 there’s only 62 people who own

HALF the world!

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No living soul can spend that much money in a lifetime…

And when people sits on money,

The economy stalls.

And that’s how it all begins:

What’s coming in the next 6 months or less

Will give a new definition to the infamous “economic crisis”

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Are you prepared to be broke…




Or can you turn the game around:

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Subject line:

BREAKING NEWS: USD Currency Collapse

China Causes The USD To Fall?

USD Dollar Drops 50% In Value Overnight?


Hey there


I don’t know you have heard this yet…

But the USD Dollar is on the verge of collapse.

In fact since 1973 it’s been on a downward trend…


USD national debt is at an all time high and now financial experts are saying that China is starting to sell their debt holdings to the secondary market.

This means it won’t be too long until the USD crumbles in value!

[Watch This Video To Learn More]

I don’t want to be the bringer of bad news, but this is seriously not good for the US since we already have domestic problems of our own, such as immigration and unemployment.

Our economy can not withstand another hit.

This time the USD might actually collapse.

[Watch This Video To Learn More]

Make sure you watch it before it’s taken offline.

Speak soon.

[Your name]



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Your Net Worth Will Be More Than Halved After This…

Your Savings Will Be Worthless After China Does This

China Will Destroy Your Net Worth


Did you know that China is USA’s largest debt holder?

This means that all they need to do start devaluing the US Dollar is by selling their debt holdings to their secondary market.

This means the US Dollar value itself will crumble.

Some financial analysts have stated that the USD will more than halve in value over the next few months.

Are you and your family prepared?

Make sure you don’t let your net worth and savings be rendered worthless.

[Watch This Video To Learn How To Profit From This Downfall]

However, it’s not all bad news.

There’s a way that you can actually PROFIT from the fall of the US dollar and also any other economic collapse in the future.

Just click on the video before and learn how you can join the 1% of the elite that makes money each time there is an economic downturn.

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Speak soon.

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Analysts Predict: Your Financial Savings Will Be Gone In 12 Months

BREAKING NEWS: Analyst predicts the fall of the US Dollar within 12 months


Let’s face it.

The US is no longer the power house and it once was.

We already have more problems than we can handle across the border.

Not to mention the unemployment rates rising.

Now all these things are NOTHING to what’s going to come next.

You see the US Dollar itself is going to collapse.

[Watch This Video To Learn More]

The downtrend has been clear since 1973.

Now we’re on the verge of total financial meltdown.

And the worst thing is…

We cannot stop or avoid it this time.

[Watch This Video To Learn More]

Make sure you watch that video before it’s taken down by the government.

This is serious stuff and you need to share it with your friends and family if you truly care about their safety.

Speak soon.

[Your name]


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Warning: US Economy Is About To Collapse Says…

It’s shocking but true…

The world̓̓̓̓̓̓̓̓̓’s biggest economy is about to collapse.

US dollar is going down and there is no way you can stop it.

Worst of all? This news has been confirmed by Goldman Sachs and the World Bank also.

That’s why you need to watch astonishing documentary by American Financial Council.

Watch this shocking documentary here


Watch this video before the ruling elite makes it inaccessible.

The video contains various controversial facts that mainstream media is trying its best to hide from you.


Watch The video now: The Collapse of US Economy exposed




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Goldman Sachs & World Bank Confirms the last 100 days life of US Economy.

It’s official, the US Economy has just entered in its last 100 days.

It’s bad.

No one expected this…

Just like in 2008, another great recession is upon us.

What’s scarier is that this has been confirmed by the world’s most credible institutions, including the World Bank and Goldman Sachs.

Watch this video to verify the information


100 days….

That’s it.

We have seen the 2008 financial storm and the way it destroyed hundreds of lives.

We have heard about the 1929 catastrophe and how people lost their life savings in no time.

Are you prepared for the next financial crash?


If you’re not, then you need to watch this video before it’s too late.

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God Bless,



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Federal Reserve Warns: Another Banking Crisis is going to Hit US Economy

I have really bad news for you.

And it’s really bad.

No one is going to tell you this.

The elite use the mainstream media to brain wash you…

They want to hide this just to serve their own selfish interests.

Did you know that the Federal Reserve has issued a warning that another banking crisis is about to happen?


Another Banking Crisis means that:

  • You wouldn’t have any access to credit.
  • Banks will shut down and no more transactions will be taking place.
  • Businesses will be closed and investors flee.
  • Demand will exceed the supply and there will be shortage of basic necessities of life.
  • The whole would be in a state of panic.

If you want to avoid this and save yourself, then you need to watch this video.

It’s a stunning presentation from the American Finance Council, it’l show you how to not only save yourself from the coming economic collapse, but benefit tremendously and make money from the crash…

Watch this video for proof


God Bless,




Email 8

“Crash of The US Dollar Imminent” Warn Financial Analysts

I hate to tell you this but.

You have been LIED to by the media, authorities and political elite.

They are playing with your lives and you don’t even know this.

The mainstream media would rather be reporting on distractions than the actual imminent threat.

That is the US dollar is going to collapse.

Instability would occur, resulting in bank runs all over the country…

Investors would immediately dump the dollar and invest it in other currencies…

Then soon the US dollar will become the cheapest currency of the world due to hyperinflation.


But there is hope.

You see, the American Finance Council has produced this shocking video…

Inside the presentation you’ll learn not only how to protect your assets from the coming collapse.

But also learn how the political elite, the top 1% legally transfer wealth through each economic crash.

And the best thing is?

You’ll also learn strategies so that you can do this yourself!

Click here to watch the video before it’s removed.



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Reality Check for Seniors: Your 401K Is At Risk

I hate to say this but it analyst confirm that this is true.

The Great Dollar Crisis is knocking at your door very soon.

Guess who is going to be most affected by this fall of the Dollar?

Retired people.




Think about it, most of your savings that are invested in the stock index managed by mutual funds have your retirement savings tied up in US Treasury Bills and Bonds.

Once the USD crashes, then those savings will become worthless!


But there is good news.

There’s a viral video on Facebook right now.

Inside the video you’ll learn not only how to save your 401K and savings…

But also learn how to exploit the same methods that the top 1% legally transfer wealth through each economic crash.

Yes, so this means, this time instead of being screwed you can actually make a profit from the coming collapse!

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 Email 10

Bad News: US Economy Is Will Go Broke In _____ Days?


I hate to break it to you but…

The US economy is about to crash and the mainstream media refuse to cover it…

“Oh..No! It can’t happen. This must be fake news.”

But is it?

Can you afford to not take the time to verify this fact?


If I were you, I would spend 3 minutes to watch this viral video.

You’re going to learn the truth about the US Economy…

And how to save yourself from the economic collapse coming in 100 days…

Speak soon.




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Is The US Economy Going to Crash in Next 100 days?

I hate to say this…

But financial pundits are saying this.

It’s not just me saying this.


If you want to learn more, then you need to watch this video.

This video is going to tell you everything and that too with facts and figures.

Watch it before its toll late


This video will tell you everything you need to know about the upcoming iceberg going to smash American economy.

The collapse is imminent and unavoidable.

Do watch it to take action beforehand.

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This Is Why You’re Going Bankrupt Soon Unless…


The great recession of 1929 was caused by speculation…

In 2001 it was tech bubble that destroyed the US share market.

In 2008 the housing crisis made thousands of people lose their life savings.


Every single time, thousands of people saw their savings disappear.

Millions went bankrupt.

And this will happen to you too.

Unless you learn the truth about the US Economy.


Watch this video to learn how you can avoid becoming another victim.


Experts are claiming that this is the final bubble.

It will end everything as we know it.


That is why you need to watch this video before it’s too late.

Click here for the shocking video proof

God Bless,



Email 13

Is US Dollar going to crash in the next XXX weeks?


Let’s face it.

The US economy is not running as smooth as it may be.

In fact it’s terrible.

How bad?

Well, let me break it down for you.

We are in more than $19 trillion dollars worth of debt.

The debt to GDP ratio is about 100%.

What does it mean?


We have taken more debt than our ability to repay it.

And the worst part which our financial analysts hate the most: China is the biggest holder of US debt.

China isn’t the friendliest country to USA remember?

Guess what they have planned for the US in the next few weeks?

Watch this video to see how China is going to destroy US economy.


Watch the video here

God Bless,





Email 14

Breaking News: China Drops Debt Bomb On USA

China is going to drop their biggest bomb on US.

The mother of all bombs: The debt bomb.

The USA owes more debt to China than any other country.

What makes it worst is that we are not in a position to pay it back.

So, what is going to happen?

We are going to be hit by a debt bomb which will destroy our economy beyond our imagination.

Once China does this other countries will also demand their debt payments and this would trigger the international debt burden on USA.

It’s worst…

Because we’ll be forced to default.

What does this mean?

Skyrocketing interest rates would destroy the businesses.

The prices of consumer goods will reach beyond the access of common man due to hyperinflation.

Another great depression would be devastating for US.

And that’s just the start…


That is why you need to watch this shocking video.

The American Finance Council has issued this banned video that will show you how to not only save your 401K and savings from the coming collapse, but profit tremendously from it.

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Make sure you do, your life savings depend on it.



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Subject: Breaking News….

Financial Armageddon is all but inevitable.

The guys who caused the Great Recession are at it again, only this time, it’s going to be worlds worse.  Are you ready?  If you’re not, here’s what you can do to get ready ((Insert Link))

The “Financial Elites” are hoping you won’t do a damned thing to prepare, because their plan is to swoop in and take control of EVERYTHING.  Your home.  Your car.  Your life.

Don’t let them!  You can fight back.  Here’s how: ((Insert Link)).

This isn’t something you can prepare for at the last minute though.  You’ve got to start now.  If you do, you’ll not only survive the coming crash, you and your family will thrive.

If you’re ready to get started, click this ((Insert Link))


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Subject: Financial Armageddon Is Coming – Are You Ready?

Ever notice that the 1%ers thrive no matter what?  They’re like roaches, and what’s worse, they CAUSE all the problems.  They caused the Great Recession, and they’re working hard to cause the next big economic meltdown, so they can take control of EVERYTHING.

You’ll be shocked (and pretty pissed off) after you click this ((Insert Link)), but it’s information you need if you and your family are to survive the coming crisis.

Don’t be caught off guard.  Start making preparations now, so you’ll be ready.  Here’s how:  ((Insert Link)).

“THEY” are going to do everything they can to own you when the dust settles.  If you’re not ready to fight back, you’ll lose on day one, so prep for a fight, because it’s coming.

Start today, by clicking this ((Insert Link))

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Subject: Great Depression 2.0 Is Coming – Are You Prepared?

The Fat Cats are at it again.  They’re working hard to cause another Depression.  This one’s going to make the Great Recession look like a day at the beach, and the Great Depression look like day camp by comparison.

Here’s what you can do to get ready ((Insert Link)).

This is no joke.  They caused the first Depression.  They caused the Great Recession, but they still don’t have enough.  They want more, including everything you have.

If you don’t start now, you won’t have a chance in hell.  Here’s how you can fight back ((Insert Link)).

Don’t be caught off guard.  Don’t let them get away with it.  Protect yourself and your family.   Learn what you’ll need to do to thrive in the coming crisis ((Insert Link))


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Subject: What The Financial Elites Don’t Want You To Know…

The financial elites like to work in the shadows.  They don’t want you to know that they CAUSED the Great Depression and the Great Recession, or that right now, they’re working hard to create the next financial crisis, and this next one is going to make both of the others look like summer vacation.

You need to start preparing for it NOW.  If you wait until things start to fall apart, you won’t stand a chance.  Here’s how you can get ready ((Insert Link)).

Don’t let these bastards ruin your life.  Don’t let them take everything you’ve worked hard for away…because they’re going to try.  Fight back.  Here’s how ((Insert Link)).

This is no laughing matter.  They’ve done it before (twice!) and they will do it again.  It’s inevitable, but that doesn’t mean it’s the end of the world.  If you take precautions, you can set yourself up to thrive in what’s coming next.

Click this ((Insert Link), and prepare to be shocked, saddened, pissed off, and well informed.  It will literally save your life.


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Subject: What “THEY” Hope You Never Find Out…

Did you know that right now, as you are reading this, the 1%ers are working hard to blow the world apart?

Not with bombs and missiles (although that could happen too) but economically.  Click this to learn what’s at stake ((Insert Link)).

These Fat Cats have totally rigged the game.  They win during both the good times and the bad, but they’re planning to make the next “financial crisis” the last one, and when the dust settles, they plan to own EVERYTHING.  Here’s what you can do to make sure they don’t wind up owning YOU ((Insert Link)).

Don’t get caught unawares.  Start making preparations for your financial survival TODAY ((Insert Link))

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Subject: The Next Depression Is Coming, Are You Ready?

The Financial Elites are done messing around.  The Great Depression and the Great Recession were dress rehearsals for what’s coming next, and when the dust settles, they plan to own the world.

That includes you.  Your family.  Your home.  Your car.  Everything you have.  Click this ((Insert Link)) to find out just how bad it’s going to be.

What are you gonna do about it?

Most people don’t even know it’s coming, so they won’t do anything, and will get eaten alive when TSHTF.  Don’t get caught off guard!  You can fight back.  Here’s how ((Insert Link)).

The last thing these guys want is for you to be ready, so start making preparations now and give them a nasty surprise when you’re one of the people thriving in the aftermath of their destruction.

Click here ((Insert Link)) to get started right now.


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Subject: They Hope You Won’t…

The next Great Depression is coming.  The Fat Cats who caused the Great Recession started planning it before the last one was even over, and this one is going to be WAY worse.

Are you ready?  If not, click this ((Insert Link)) to start making preparations now.

“THEY” hope you won’t.  They hope you don’t do anything at all, because if you don’t, then when the drop the hammer, they’ll OWN you.

Don’t let that happen!  You can fight back by doing this ((Insert Link))

Knowledge is power.  Get the knowledge you need to prepare for what’s coming so you and your family can thrive in the months and years to come.  It will be hard.  It will be painful, but if you don’t, they WILL own you.  Click this ((Insert Link)) to keep that from happening!


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Subject: Don’t Be Caught Unprepared!

Did you know that the so-called “Financial Elites” caused the Great Depression?  And the Great Recession?  And that they’re working hard right now to cause complete Financial Armageddon?

It’s true.  Click this ((Insert Link)) to learn what’s coming.

Prepare to be dismayed and pissed off!  But there is some good news.  You can fight back!  Here’s how ((Insert Link)).

Don’t be a victim.  Don’t let them take everything you’ve worked so hard for.  Here’s what you can do to weather the coming storm ((Insert Link))

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Subject: It’s Coming.  What Will You Do?

There’s a financial storm brewing.  It’s being caused by the same Fat Cats who caused the Great Depression AND the Great Recession.

When it hits, the rich are going to eat the world, including everything you own.  Don’t let it happen!  Here’s what you can do to keep that from happening ((Insert Link)).

Make no mistake, they’ve done it before and they WILL do it again.  If you’re not ready, they will OWN you.

Don’t let that happen!  Start making preparations now so that when the day comes, you’ll be ready.  You want to do more than just survive the aftermath, you and your family want to THRIVE.  This is how you do that ((Insert Link))

The clock is ticking.  Financial Armageddon is coming.  What will you do?

Do this ((Insert Link)) and you’ll be ready.


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Subject: Don’t Let It Happen To You…

The Rich own a greater percentage of the world’s wealth today than they did in the months leading up to the Great Depression.

They’re working hard to CAUSE the next Great Depression, and they’re GOING to succeed.  When they do, they’re going to swoop in and own everything.  Including you, your family, and everything you have.  Unless you stop it!  Here’s how you stop it ((insert Link)).

It might seem hopeless, but it’s not.  There are real, practical things you can do right now, today to get ready.  If you do them, you’ll thrive in what’s coming.  If you don’t, you’ll either wind up a slave, or you will die.  Click this ((Insert Link)) to learn what you’ll need to do to get ready.

Don’t let them win.  Don’t let them walk all over you, because they are going to try.  Fight back!  Here’s how ((Insert Link))


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